Something of Interest, Regarding a Leading Atheist

It has been said a few times now, that Richard Dawkins won't debate William Lane Craig. Anyone that has ever seen a debate between William Lane Craig, knows he is a very reasonable man, that sticks to the facts. It is part of why I made this blog. Bill Craig is an excellent thinker and philosopher, but not only that, his ideas are actually VERY brilliant ones. I think this is the core of why Richard Dawkins won't debate him. It has to be, and there are logical reasons to come to that conclusion.

If Richard Dawkins had good reasons for not debating Craig, then he would just stand up to the wrong points that Craig makes in a debate. Say Craig says something about the God of the Old Testament. Dawkins could just easily refute him with his better reasoning, if he had it. Better facts, better reasoning, counter and defeat poor "facts" and poor reasoning. We don't see him even want to try. We see excuses that don't pan out.

It is an incredible compliment then, not that different from a person that doesn't want to play in a sports game against an excellent player. Craig is a mental giant, and can easily squash poor ideas, and he should. I hope he always does, because in many of these cases morals are at play. This isn't "just a game", this is life and death and topics regarding the things that matter very much to every human being that has ever lived.

People don't want to "play" if they know they will lose.

Its one of the biggest complaints I have against atheists....the incredible amount of pride at play. It seems, that ANYTHING could be, has to be true, OTHER than the atheist just might be wrong about something. I see this all the time.

In an arena where ideas, philosophies and facts of life are at play, why are people so much wanting to deny what works, what is most reasonable, and logical? It seems more is going on of course. Its not a matter of poor ideas, bad thinking, and bad reasoning, or ability to debate or not. Its a matter that is explained by Christianity itself. Nothing else explains it, nothing.

A cop out, I don't buy it.