Video, The Origins of the Universe - Has Hawking Eliminated God?

I have some of my own thoughts on this video, but one thing that really stands out is how Craig uses logic and reason and philosophy to show how Hawking and his co author have utilized the very thing they say doesn't exist any longer. That being, Philosophy.

It is recommended watching, and paying attention to whether or not Bill Craig's points are fair or not regarding Hawking's book. He asks good questions, and is very fair in my estimation. Even if you disagree with Craig, you can't disagree that he doesn't make fair points in a way that is understandable and reasonable and fair.

These are huge points that matter to us. I found it interesting too that they touch on newer talking points in these circles of atheism, materialism, christianity, etc. He shows how some of the ideas Hawking uses don't work out. As usual, Craig doesn't ask that you just take his word for things. He shared his points and gives good reasons for having them. This is true also for the items he disagrees with.

I noticed the dark haired, younger gentleman that proposed a question about there not being any evidences, behaved in way that I see far too often. He was trying set the evidence for himself, very high, unattainable and unreasonable, while not listening to the arguments he was being given. This is very easy to do, and just keep on repeating oneself, and saying, "but no evidence." He, for example, doesn't want to take what we do see in the universe, and ask what best explains it. He wants God in an observable test tube, so to speak. Or, he is working from merely a materialistic worldview, when we know for a fact, the thing responsible for the creation of material things, is outside of the material realm, and the time space continuum. He was a bit ambivalent, and already knew the answers to some of his questions.

It would have been better perhaps, to just say, "I don't want to believe as you do, after the given arguments have been made." Or, he could have given better explanations for what we see, or even just showed how the arguments made by William Lane Craig failed. He didn't. He just kept on repeating himself only. Would this kind of fellow be open to the evidences for the resurrection of Jesus? Or, has he already made up his mind? I have a feeling which way it would go, but then again, I can be wrong.

The last commenter brought up a good point, that could it be a heart issue as Proverbs states, that people want to just blame God for the evil or bad things that happen in the world, while not thanking him for our very breath and all the beauty on earth? Craig answered that often an atheist or other person will try to put a theist in a box by blaming God for evil in the world, and trying to paint a dilemma where there isn't one. There is an answer in the Bible no less, an explanation. It an added emphasis on the negative, while ignoring the mass amount of positive in the world, at the very least. Extreme "glass half empty" mentality, then applying it to God, when there are other reasons, and very likely more going on.